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Love is what happens when you’re making other plans...


Lydia Carlisle knows exactly what she wants: a job at a fancy medical practice to go along with that shiny new doctor’s degree. That’s what all her plans have been leading to, after all. But while she waits for the perfect position, she’s working as a locum to pay the bills.

Cordelia Beckett is divorced, bitter, and absolutely certain about what she doesn’t want: anyone ever interfering in her life again. But her pregnant best friend has to pee every three seconds, and is a constant reminder of the life that Cordelia thought she’d one day have but now won’t.

When ambitious doctor meets cranky receptionist, they don’t exactly see eye to eye. But since Lydia is only temporarily in tiny Whitebridge, this really shouldn’t be a problem. Right?

Until Cordelia and Lydia are left, quite literally, holding the baby. Oh, and living together too, because this is all Lydia’s fault and Cordelia refuses to run a daycare single-handed.

Everybody makes plans, and in Whitebridge those plans are everybody’s business. Lydia’s starting to think small town doctoring isn’t so bad. And Cordelia is (very slowly) beginning to thaw. The town thinks they could be perfect together. Until Lydia’s offered her dream job, Whitebridge is cut off by a natural disaster, and a high stakes emergency threatens everything Cordelia holds dear. This isn’t what anyone planned. But then, plans can change, can’t they?

Changing Plans is a lesbian romance featuring a very happy ending from bestselling Sapphic writer Sienna Waters, author of The Wrong Date, Crossing the Pond, and Teaching Hope. It is part of the Whitebridge series, but all novels can be read as stand-alones.

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